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is the naming and classifying or grouping of organisms. It was a system devised by Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778) and is still used to this day. He devised the two part system where every living thing had two Latin names with the genus first and then the species. 107 more words

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Oh, wow, drat and other words of dismay. I haven’t thought of a topic for this week and it is time to write my post. Time to get started. 1,217 more words


Why bother with botanical Latin?

The Marylebone Gardener ponders…

Like many gardeners I am frequently irritated and bamboozled by plants’ botanical Latin names. Often difficult to pronounce and a nightmare for those of us with poor spelling skills, eg: Zygopyllum prismatothecum… Why are we stuck with botanical Latin? 472 more words