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And Justice For All

The dirtiest schmucks I run into are always cops and lawyers. And no, I’m not a convicted felon, nor do I even have a criminal record. 935 more words

Thank you to Ana and Mireille.

It is so hard to believe that our show has been running for almost a year now.  Time sure flies when you are having fun and learning. 89 more words

Carleton students fine-tune tricycle wheelchairs for Ugandans with disabilities

Zoe Krug’s hand-powered tricycle looks like a beefed-up wheelchair.

The Carleton University industrial design student is hoping the contraption will make it easier for mothers in Uganda with disabilities to make trips to the market with their  children. 243 more words


volunteering at CKCU.

This is national volunteer week.  it has been almost a year since I started my volunteer job as a co-host on “Welcome to my world” on CKCU.   135 more words

Carleton Ravens Racing team unveils new Formula car

The only thing Kenneth Chow wants to do when he graduates is to land a job on a Formula race team somewhere in the world. 305 more words


Photos: Carleton's cycling crash-test dummy probes bike injuries

Bystanders may have cheered when a crash test dummy flew down a track on a bicycle and collided with an oncoming car at Carleton University on Friday, but the engineering experiment could gather serious data on similar accidents. 226 more words


Could You Be a Terrorist? The Media and the Post 9/11 Terrorist Witch-Hunt

The understanding of terrorism and those who perpetrate it has evolved over time in society, especially due to the portrayal of stereotypes through the media. At one time, the media depicted terrorists as “lone wolves” who acted independently, however after 9/11 occurred a different idea of terrorism and terrorists themselves was shown. 500 more words