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Judge Dredd 30 (April 1986)

It’s a tough issue. Not in a bad way, but in a post-Apocalypse War, the future is a tough place, tough issue. Wagner, Grant and Ezquerra do both stories. 146 more words

Judge Dredd

Libreviewary 14/01/15

Aw jings, 2015! Doesn’t seem like a real year, and I keep reading it as ‘2005’. But then, any regular absorber of this website knows my reading comprehension isn’t always the greatest. 2,292 more words


Mutants, Mayhem, Mistletoe - 2000AD at Christmastime

Christmas and comic book sci-fi don’t always go together that well. It’s there at the kitschier ends of the genre – ‘Happy Christmas Superdog. And thank you Wonder Woman, you’ve done a neat job turning my Fortress of Solitude into a winter wonderland.’ Or ‘Holy immaculate conception Batman.’ That sort of thing. 360 more words

Advent Calendar

2000AD announces Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection fortnightly partwork!

Attention citizens! Prepare yourselves for the definitive collection of the ultimate Lawman of the Future – Judge Dredd: The Mega Collection is launching on 21st January 2015! 426 more words

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Judge Dredd 24 (October 1985)

The Apocalypse War saga ends. There’s some silliness–like Wagner and Grant referring to Dredd’s “Apocalypse Squad”–but most of the comic works out, at least as far as narrative. 151 more words

Judge Dredd 23 (September 1985)

From the start, Ezquerra’s art is off. His figures are weak, his composition is worse. Maybe he just burned out on all the war stuff–there are constant empty backgrounds, like he’s trying to do less work. 140 more words

Judge Dredd 22 (August 1985)

It’s the war comic I’ve been expecting from Wagner for a while now. Dredd and the judges with him have a mission and they try to carry it through. 145 more words