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Carly Fiorina, destroyer of corporations and Cali senate race loser, eyes the White House

She almost destroyed Hewlett Packard as CEO — it lost half its value and she was fired. She ran for US Senator from California and was trounced, losing 42% to Barbara Boxer’s 52% — and now — OF COURSE — she’s running for president. 30 more words


Help Jeremiah Decide A Formal Name For Carly!

We settled on Carly Elizabeth as a name back when we found out she was a girl in October. But recently (today) we decided Carly needs a formal name. 150 more words


A Day of Service

In last week’s blog I decided to commit to doing something new each week that would either be outside the norm for me, uniquely GW or typically DC. 822 more words

The Sprinter

Dawn breaks, bringing forth the light of all beings.
Blinking in the first rays of the sun, crouching, bouncing
A restless seduction,
The sprinter’s nose traces the horizon, a primal lens… 216 more words


The Adventure Continues...

Today marks the end of the second week that I have been in DC and it is amazing to me how quickly this city, and in particular GW, have come to feel home-like and comfortable. 858 more words

A Distinct Theme

I couldn’t help but notice this past weekend that there was a distinct theme running through most of my birthday gifts.

My family knows me so well. 13 more words

A Busy Week in DC

The week that has just past has been an incredible, albeit an insanely busy, week filled with orientation activities, moving into our dorms, numerous trips to Bed, Bath and Beyond and the opportunity to meet a whole new group of friends made up of people from all over the world, as well as some GW students. 1,220 more words