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Popping Candy

Ah, the giddy, heady days of summer, when our youth always seems to cycle across our thoughts.


Street Photography

The only ways street photography has changed since now and then are the times, the people, the buildings, the technology, and basically the surroundings. The only difference is the photographer and what they take a picture of.


(Eric Kim)


(Henri Cartier-Bresson)


Obsession: Rifle Paper Co.

Have you ever found a company that makes such lovely products, you find yourself  negotiating just how much money you’d be willing to spend on something you don’t REALLY need? 122 more words


Paper Cuts

Because we always have days when little slights cut deeply and small people take pleasure in wiggling the blade.

- Carly

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Create, Structure, Orchestrate Services

Create, structure, orchestrate services

* Winner of the class creative writing in a Bountiful Adult Education course for a poem found to be on many levels of meaning and to be the instructors “favorite bedtime story” for his children, he stated. 169 more words

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Our philosophy is Kindness

Enjoy your weekend and spread a little kindness if you can.

- Carly

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