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Sartor Resartus

Ever since I read Emerson I have been interested in reading Thomas Carlyle’s “novel” Sartor Resartus because Emerson loved it, got it published in the United States, and it influenced New England Transcendentalism. 687 more words


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'I can’t say the book was a pleasurable read, a good bit of it was a slog and it took me since May to read the final twenty pages. It was sort of like facing down the vegetable you like the least. You know it is good for you but you just can’t bring yourself to like it no matter how it gets dressed up. But once you’ve eaten it there is a certain sense of accomplishment and satisfaction as well as relief. How’s that for a recommendation? Read it if you dare.'

Rae of Hope contributor "Warrior Mom" shares her story with Weyburn media

Carlyle Mother Battles Bullies After 10-Year-Old Son Attempts Suicide

Written by Jennifer LaCharite on Tuesday, 18 November 2014

A Carlyle mother has been dubbed “warrior mom” in a brand new book called “Rae of Hope” by Marianne Curtis after going to battle against bullies for her son. 293 more words

Marianne Curtis

Carlyle to acquire Dealogic

Carlyle, an American alternative asset manager with $203 AUM, is acquiring Dealogic, a software and data company catering to the financial service industry, for $700 million. 223 more words

Hallowe'en A$$#@les

Last week my foreign-born daughter was in country, and, but for being way too old, could have experienced her very first Canadian Hallowe’en, fifty years to the day I experienced my last one. 499 more words

Carlyle's Cash-Nexus

O reader, to what shifts is poor Society reduced, struggling to give still some account of herself, in epochs when Cash Payment has become the sole nexus of man to men! 36 more words

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