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How watching opera in Italy (Carmen) is helping to open my heart and mind

“Forget all that—
it is nothing compared to what I am going to do.
For I am about to do something new.
See, I have already begun!

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Carmen's 7am Crank Call: Dead Guy Discount

Carmen is calling up a woman to let her know that the apartment she wants to rent is now at a discount! When asked why…Carmen let’s her know that someone just died in there!! 53 more words


30 months and more

in other words, 2.5 years! goodness it really hasn’t felt like quite that long, but then again, because i know we still have a long time ahead of us to grow and enjoy together :D even though we don’t usually celebrate monthsaries extravagantly/elaborately, i like that we try to remember the day anyway and take the time to pause and appreciate all this time we’ve had together, and to look forward to our future. 107 more words


Beatriz Gimeno Reinoso, we CAN delete the man...

Beatriz Gimeno Reinoso, militant feminist, lesbian activist Spanish LGBT rights. He was the president of the 844 more words


Carmen's 7am Crank Call: Tailgate Store

Carmen’s getting ready for Football season so she’s planning a tailgate this weekend.  She doesn’t have a tail “gate” so she’s calling up a hardware store to get one. 52 more words


2nd Date Update: Did You Just Check My Phone?

They went out on a date, and when she returned to the table after going to the bathroom she noticed he was going through her phone!! 56 more words


Carmen's 7am Crank Call: Touch Football

Carmen is having some trouble with her husband Arturo…he hasn’t been touching her much lately so Carmen’s looking to sign up for a Touch Football League.  55 more words