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Carmen: Fun-loving passion for life

When I think of my session with Carmen, the words that come to mind are fun and passion.  Everything Carmen does seems to be infused with fun and passion – she doesn’t do anything in half measures.   36 more words


Carmen's 7am Crank Call: Apartment Eviction

Carmen’s apartment building was just purchased by a real estate trust.  They want her to re apply with her social security number but she’s not sure she can find it…or if she ever had one to begin with!! 46 more words


Looking Deeper - Carmen

In Oregon Ballet Theatre’s production of OBT 25, a section of the program was titled “Love X3” and highlighted choreographers who have most influenced the company. 764 more words


Carmen's 7am Crank Call: New Camera

Carmen is buying a camera! She’s starting a new hobby, photography! But it’s never how it seems with Carmen. Any guesses on what she’s using it for? 48 more words


Carmen's 7am Crank Call: Restaurant Reservation

Carmen is calling to confirm a reservation at a restaurant to celebrate an anniversary! She can’t seem to figure out if its an anniversary to celebrate 7 months, 7 years, or 7 minutes!! 48 more words


Carmen's 7am Crank Call: Lost And Found Phone

Losing your phone is probably ranked as one of the worse things that can happen to your day. Carmen was doing the right thing and called back the husband to return his wife’s phone. 67 more words


Carmen's 7am Crank Call: Ringback Tones

Do you remember ring back tones? Carmen sure does and she feels a certain type of way about outdated fads. See what she had to say about this one!!! 48 more words