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Chocolate pudding

…and why not!

This chocolate pudding couldn’t be simpler.

Simply… avocado, banana, carob & cacao blended till smooth and creamy with a sprinkle of ginger on top, yum! 24 more words


Vegan, Gluten-Free Cookies

I am guilty of the sin of not having any pictures of these cookies. In my defense, my grandmother wouldn’t let anyone touch them.

I’ll back up a little. 305 more words


Easy "Chocolate" Mousse/ice cream - AIP

It’s my second post and I haven’t got anything else but another recipe…

So I can’t have dairy ice-cream… or chocolate mousse for that matter, and how I’ve missed these two things! 486 more words


OMG, I just made cookies. COOKIES I CAN EAT. (Day 163)

A few days ago I mentioned to Ewan that I was going to bake my Mum a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies (my favourite type of cookie). 945 more words


This is one my favourite shelves in the kitchen housing some much used all time favourites!

Cacao powder is native to America. It is made by cold-pressing un-roasted cocoa beans. 472 more words


Chocolate cake

Chocolate cake needn’t be bad for you. I have been perfecting my rich chocolate cake recipe on one hungry toddler.

It is gluten, dairy, sugar, yeast and nut-free of course!



Raw chocolate

When making raw chocolates for my lil one I tend to use half cacao, half carob so they’re not rocket fuel!…..and most definitely not eaten anywhere near bedtime ;)