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Carol Costello makes her case for ESPN anchor's suspension

Carol Costello and guests weight in on ESPN anchor, Stephen A. Smith’s, comments on domestic violence.


Is John Kerry hurting the peace process?

Rep. Luke Messer accuses John Kerry of legitimizing Hamas.

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Fears of the Ebola virus are growing

The Ebola virus continues to spread as the condition of an infected American deteriorates. Dr. Sanjay Gupta joins the conversation.


Israel aims to neutralize Hamas tunnels

CNN Military Analyst James “‘Spider'” Marks explains Israel’s operations to destroy Hamas’ labyrinth of tunnels in Gaza.


Rice 'Punishment': What is NFL Thinking?

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Carol Costello

Reefer Madness

Carol  Costello speaks with Vikas Bajaj of the New York Times about his paper’s call for the Federal Government to end the ban on marijuana.

Carol Costello

Deadly Ebola Outbreak

Carol Costello speaks with Dr. Bart Janssens from Doctors Without Borders about the latest Ebola outbreak.

Carol Costello