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I’d written previously about the Palin Party Brawl but decided to tweak it and add some observations.

The police reports of the brawl (which were a slam-dunk in favor of the many eyewitnesses) had been on the internet for two weeks, so most people had already formed opinions of what really happened long before Carol Costello delighted in presenting Bristol’s drunken audio clip on CNN. 3,301 more words


Sunset Live 365

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Don Lichterman

Current EVEntS - CNN Anchor Carol Costello Thinks an Assault on Bristol Palin is Hysterically Funny

I could spend all of my time just writing posts about the despicable women radical, second and third-wave feminism has produced in America.

They continue to sink to lower and lower levels of behavior and Carol Costello has nearly hit rock bottom. 413 more words


Bully of the Month: Carol Costello

I am the Traveler:

I’ve taken it on the chin for my comments in the past. I stand by each and every comment I have made… Primarily because I know the goal of my comments have never been to bully someone… Today I’m asking another to stand up and take your lumps for your words and deeds… 585 more words

Carol Costello Apology Countdown Clock

TICK TOCK CNN media reporter: Costello deserves all the criticism she’s getting TICK TOCK TICK TOCK

Hot Air‘s Ed Morrissey writes:

And CNN deserves some too, although their media reporter… 388 more words


'Very true': What does CNN's inaction on Carol Costello say about their 'standards'?

The fact that that tweet’s still up says a lot about Carol Costello.

If CNN suspends @CarolCNN 4 condoning violence against women itll be the "best piece of audio we've ever come across" …

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CNN Puts Sarah Palin In Their Crosshairs

October 26th, 2014 • iizthatiiz

CNN Drops Digital Crosshairs onto Sarah Palin

A series of shocking background pictures displaying imagery of “crosshairs” over Sarah Palin appeared throughout a recent CNN Newroom segment.   736 more words