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103 Reasons To Be Grateful - Wild Star Landing

1. Thank You so much to the 103 people who opted to ‘follow’ my blog, one year on at time of writing.
2. Thank You for the gift of writing, painting, singing… 1,224 more words

Caroline Cunningham

Heart Moves The Body More

Moves the body on the floor,

Heart moves the body more;

The bell is touching its gong of absolute knowing,

Silence all around;

Mountains are listening, 36 more words

Caroline Cunningham

Peace Is For Everyone - Pass It On

It’s a busy weekend for the Irish with St. Patricks Day festivities and rugby celebrations and horse-racing on the box too. I passed many carnival rides and stalls as I made my way through the streets of Dublin on a Saturday morning. 412 more words


Aladine - Poetry of Woman

Slowly she becomes the dream

And everything it would seem is very beautiful

Aladine in her cave

All her treasures saved

Polishing her aqua blue… 111 more words

Caroline Cunningham

The Art of Making Friends - An Irish Woman's Journey In Peru

It was Sunday, my second day, I took my sketch book and pencils to the streets of my new home town of Ollantaytambo, Peru’s ‘Living Inca Museum’. 826 more words


Need Help To Take Action? Authentic Reflexology to the rescue!

Take Action! That’s all you need to do to put things right. But what if you don’t know what to do and what if the feeling of ‘taking action’ is completely dead on its feet? 611 more words


Awakening In Ollantaytambo - An Irish Womans's Journey In Peru

My first morning to awaken in Ollantaytambo, everything was calm and bright outside my window. It was Sunday morning. The day before there had been a constant jingling of music with frequent exultations across the road from my lodgings where building works were underway. 782 more words