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The Earth, My Butt, and Other Big, Round Things by Carolyn Mackler

Virginia struggles to find a place for her imperfect self in a perfect family. Though her beautiful parents and siblings seem to have everything going for them, Virginia hates her body, and can’t seem to keep up the trophy-winning, record-setting, or ladder-climbing tradition her family keeps. 150 more words

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The Earth, My Butt & Other Big Round Things by Carolyn Mackler

Reasons why TEMBAOBRT and its heroine/narrator Virginia Shreves are cool:

1. The sexy times are realistically awkward. 259 more words

Contemporary Fiction

Book Review: The Future Of Us by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler

“History’s a bitch when you’re in the middle of it.”

It’s 1996, and Josh and Emma have been neighbors their whole lives. They’ve been best friends almost as long – at least, up until last November, when Josh did something that changed everything. 205 more words

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