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Snowman and a Snowy Wreath

Winter is here to visit us early this year. We’ve already had some snow. So I wanted to put in a nice jinglebell-y wreath on the door. 124 more words


Toddlers and Crochet Ponchos

I can’t believe I don’t have all the little babies in their ponchos on this blog! I’ve been terribly remiss.

All new crocheters must make a toddler poncho at least once. 102 more words


If you were wondering...

…what I was doing during Blogoween other than making barbeque sauce look like bodily fluid (true story) you have come to the right place. 333 more words


Gradual Infinity Scarf

So I probably got the general idea for this scarf off of Pinterest but I don’t remember for sure. It’s very simple. I just used two stands of Caron Simply Soft at one time, starting with two stands of gold, then one of gold and one of light blue, then two of light blue, etc. 122 more words