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Some foods are currently being studied for their potential benefits in cancer prevention.  The reason is that these foods are rich in certain single nutrients (vitamin C, E, folate and selenium) as well as photochemicals (plant chemicals) that include: carotenoids, indoles, phenols, and others.  72 more words


To Yolk or Not to Yolk? That is the question

Yolk. Should we eat it or shouldn’t we? Just before the turn of the millennium, yolk received a lot of scrutiny from critics as they believed it raised cholesterol. 410 more words


The Tantalizing Tasty Tomato

Born and raised in the city of Los Angeles, many would assume that I know nothing, nada, zilch, nil… about farming. But au contraire, mes amis. 819 more words

Black Skin Care

Betalains: The body armor

Like carotenoids and porphyrins pigments, betalains too is a signalling molecule in nature. These powerful nutrients, help support the body’s ability to fight inflammation at the cellular level. 530 more words

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A Brighter Brain on Thanksgiving

Warm colors of fall and decorations of pumpkins set the scene for this annual tradition. Thanksgiving, a holiday looked forward to by many, not only for giving thanks but for the anticipated feast with family and friends! 517 more words


Clinical Test Reject

Over the past year, I’ve offered myself up as guinea pig to a variety of clinical tests. I have a keen interest in neuroscience in general and Alzheimer’s disease in particular, so most of my inquiries have been brain-related. 1,029 more words