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The Real Dogs of the RMS Titanic (?)

If you are a dog lover, you will love this story. The other day, our local dog park posted something about the dogs who survived the Titanic on Facebook.   3,484 more words

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The Unsinkable Charles Lightoller

When Titanic’s Second Officer Charles Lightoller knew the ship was sinking, he wasted no time in asking Captain Smith for orders to fill the lifeboats. 621 more words


Romania, Transylvania Dan Dracula

Waktu awal kenal dengan suami, saat saya tahu dia berkewarganegaraan Romania yang ada dibenak saya saat itu adalah (Romania=Transylvania=Dracula), dan ternyata bukan saya saja yang berpikiran seperti itu, waktu cerita ke mama kalau dia berasal dari Romania mama saya langsung  berkata “jangan-jangan turunan dracula”,,hehe,, 462 more words


Carparthia III: Crystal Shards

Carparthia III, is a fantasy sci-fi story written by Ian Fox (aka Zelgadis on Simtropolis).

The story follows the adventures of six friends as they are transported away from their home planet to the despotic moon Yseri.   70 more words

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Andrea & Cristian

O nuntă de trei zile şi trei nopţi şi invitaţi veniţi de peste mări şi tări…

Locatie:   Pensiunea Carpathia


Titanic's Baron-in-Residence

For various reasons, at least fifteen passengers aboard the Titanic were traveling under false names. One man, Alfred Nourney, called himself “Baron von Drachstedt” and used this name to get himself a cabin in first class with only a second class ticket. 348 more words

T5 Data Centers™ and Carpathia Forge Alliance to Deliver Custom IT Infrastructure and Cloud Solutions

New Alliance Combines T5’s Wholesale Data Centers with Cloud Services and Managed Hosting to Deliver Reliable, Versatile, Compliant Computing Environments.

Atlanta, GA, USA (November 4, 2014) — T5 Data Centers™ ( 687 more words

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