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Automation Makes Us Dumb

  A typical Nick Carr! (R.C.)

Date: 22-11-2014
Source: The Wall Street Journal

Human intelligence is withering as computers do more, but there’s a solution.

Computers are taking over the kinds of knowledge work long considered the preserve of well-educated, well-trained professionals. 2,308 more words

Information Management & Technology

Technology and teaching

It has been a long time since I blogged; I am involved in too much other writing and teaching and do not have the habit of using the blog to clarify priorities and see my way forward. 254 more words

Rookie QB Evaluation

By Bobby Moodispaugh

The 2014 NFL draft saw 14 quarterbacks taken, but few have lived up to their pre-draft hype.

The only rookie quarterback to start in Week 1 was Derek Carr of the Oakland Raiders. 950 more words


Technology is causing a panic amongst many literature lovers and writers who are desperately clinging to the traditional reader, writer relationship that a book provides. In Janet Murray’s “Introduction” to  459 more words

Is Google Making Us Stupid?

So, is Google making you stupid?

Sven Birkerts, even before Google, says yes: the web is trapping us in a world of shallowness, a web that erodes language, flattens historical perspective, and destroys privacy. 405 more words

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Cops fix car of chokehold victim’s mom after ticket

The mother of police-chokehold victim Eric Garner was pulled over for a busted headlight on Staten Island last week and promptly got the borough’s top cop to send out… 539 more words

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Four Friends by Robin Carr

Great neighborhoods are hard to find, but Gerri, Andi, and Sonja have one.  These three ladies meet up every morning at 6 am to take their morning walk, catching up and starting their mornings right!  456 more words