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Not so well-advised

Not much longer than about two month ago, little Miss L. from the Czech Republic popped out on the scene.

She’s got a doll-like face, a noble pale skin colour and impressingly huge breasts on a skinny frame. 182 more words


The good child syndrome

What is the good girl syndrome really? And I refuse to think this is only an issue for girls, so let us quickly stick to the description good child syndrome. 583 more words


Massive deviantART profile overhaul

Dear readers,

concerning my work on my web presence, the last weeks I have dedicated to my deviantART profile, and in a quite intensive way. This included restyling, discovery of relatively new functions (my account is eight years old but I didn’t always check it regularly throughout time).

Res Cogitans


Duties and Responsibilities: Perfusionist work ¬†with circulation equipment during medical situations when it’s necessary to temporarily and artificially replace the patient’s circulatory or respiratory functionis. This usually occurs in heart surgeries and other similar operations. 68 more words

Patient Representative

Duties and Responsibilities: Patient representatives adress the concerns and special needs of patients and their families. They evaluate patient satisfaction, investigate complaints, work with departments to resolve probloems, collect information about patient dissastisfaction, and educate staff. 47 more words