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Friday Morning, continued.

Carrefour, the French grocer and Wal-Mart equivalent, is one of the best grocery stores in Cairo if you’re looking for quantity and selection. While I needed neither, I stopped by… 253 more words


The Shopping Forecast -- smoother sailing ahead

If you have any experience in the U.K., you may know that the indispensable way to learn about the weather for fishing areas is “The Shipping Forecast,”which is broadcast on radio by the BBC. 794 more words

Life In Southwest France

Met Carrefour

The darkest of dark animated intent, minus restrictions – this is one of the ways I might describe Met Carrefour.

This awesome force from whence all limitations flee, your steadfast will, eviscerated like a sacrificial vessel….sacrifice your mind, soul and body on the crossroads of His domain, and He shall take hold of you with ice cold hands filled with a transforming subtle grip, never easing his grasp, never letting you go.”You are mine” He whispers softly. 499 more words


Local food... trick or treat!

Every country in the world we visit, “local” products catch both the eye and the purse of shoppers – in uncertain times, consumers feel comfortable with products thy have long known and trusted. 251 more words


It's the little things that help...

The last week has been fantastic!  The atmosphere at the school has been far more positive this week, we got out of the city last weekend and had a mini adventure and today, I got to hang out with an adorable kitten at my favorite restaurant:) 1,794 more words