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The Weekender Show of the week is The Carrie Diaries

The show sees Actress Anna Sophia Rob play the character of Carrie Bradshaw going through her teenage years and romances. Carrie Bradshaw was originally played by Sarah Jessica Parker in the adult series of sex  and the city as the adult version of Carrie. 35 more words

Inspiration: Eric Daman

An Eyewitness account on the world of fashion: 

Just a warning, I’m about to geek out for a bit and gush about my most recent idol. 258 more words

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Netflix is love Netflix is life.

Ten years ago you would have been told you were crazy for thinking you could watch a whole television series on the internet.

The idea of streaming movies online was fairly new if not unheard of. 305 more words

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Learn from your Success, Live for your Failure

Try, try and try again. That’s what they say, right? Get back up on that horse. Climb every mountain? But, seriously when is enough, enough. 345 more words


8 TV Shows Based On Books

For many viewers of hit TV shows such as Orange is the new Black and The Walking Dead, the origins of the series may not be known but recently there has been an explosion of books adapted into television series and fans of the books and shows alike are loving it! 373 more words