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Ride Or Die Chick.

There aren’t enough occasions in my life as to when I can reference 2pac yet today is different. As when describing this certain situation I find it necessary to share that I’m a Ride or Die Chick –  your homie, your lover and your friend (yes, I just used the word homie).

That Cardiff Girl

Letter Challenge #7

A while back I made up a letter writing challenge that I was going to feature on my blog once a week. I concocted a list of 10 different letters to write to 10 different “people” and I aim to post one every Tuesday for 10 weeks. 476 more words


Carrie: Stephen King

Novel Information (Taken from Wikipedia)

Country: United States

Language: English

Genre: Horror, Epistolary, Tragedy

Publication Date: April 5, 1974

Pages: 199

Narration: Third Person… 218 more words

Book Reviews

My top 5 horror films: #5 Ginger Snaps

Hello horror fans, I think it’s time we got to know each other a little better. This is why I’ve decided to talk about my favourite horror movies of all time. 1,262 more words

365 grateful: Day 203

Our final day of vacation was a lovely, lazy day enjoying my brother and sister-in-law’s house, We read on the deck, grilled, drank beers and margaritas, and played board games. 7 more words

For a moment, Carrie didn’t know where she found herself, the ordinariness of the rooms around her throwing her off. Then, like glasses which automatically adjust to the sunlight, she became accustomed to the scene. 997 more words


Sex and the City songs!

I have to admit I think I’ve seen every episode of Sex & the City thanks to the E! Network and my own personal addiction. That’s right, every cliché column, every time Carrie got mad at Big, every lunch at a cute restaurant. 520 more words