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Why I can't read any new Stephen King

This isn’t an easy thing for me to write: I will never read a new Stephen King novel again.

I grew up on King. When I was a teenager I devoured his books: … 972 more words

Tonner Carrie City Style

A Tonner fashion doll from 2008, this Carrie came to me from ebay, in good condition but minus her purse and with damaged earrings and shoes. 40 more words


I'm Back! (Rumours)

I did what I always do and manage to abandon my blog without even realising it! However I am going to make an effort to continue updating it regularly again! 238 more words

Trailers Have Really Changed Over The Years

One of the unfortunate byproducts of nerdery is the increased susceptibility to hype. Like many of you, I caught the first glimpses of the new… 976 more words


Stephen King - Part 1

So far I have read three and a half Stephen King books so far (I read half of Rose Madder but I’ll review that if/when I reread and successfully finish it). 767 more words

Week One: King Conquest

My first book the King Conquest is Carrie. In normal terms: Carrie is about a girl in high school that can’t catch a break. She’s the butt of a lot of jokes and people won’t just let her be. 163 more words