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Edmond Jacob Lightcap

Edmond Jacob Lightcap
b. 11 December 1875, Henryville, Clark County, Indiana, to Jacob W. and Nancy Ann (Beckett) Lightcap
d. 29 January 1957, Rockford, Illinois… 64 more words

Clark County

Blogito, Ergo Sum

Today’s post is once again based on Brian Carroll’s “Writing for Digital Media.” In chapter 7 of this book, Carroll addresses the history of blogs, the keys to creating a good blog, and how blogging has changed and redefined journalism. 466 more words


I Blog Therefore I Am!

The chapter, Blogito Ergo Sum describes the principles of personal publishing, blogging vs. journalism, big well known blogs, writing great blog posts, etc. It talks about the importance of corporate blogging which isrelevant to any college student who is looking towards a business career. 159 more words

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Blogito Ergo, What?

“As part of the broader trend toward participatory, networked grass roots journalism, blogs are influencing how products are introduced, how political campaigns are run and even how wars are fought” (Carroll, 137).  524 more words

History And Theory

Reading into "Blogito, Ergo Sum"

In chapter seven of Writing for Digital Media, Carroll introduces us to “Blogito, Ergo Sum: Trends in Personal Publishing”. In this chapter Carroll gives the reader some tips on how to blog successfully, along with ways that blogs are used now-a-days. 280 more words

Posts About Blogs

Is Blogging Journalism?

Blogging is not inherently journalism, but it can be if the proper steps are taken towards verification.  Newspapers use the filter, edit, print approach in distributing information throughout the world while blogs edit moderately and publish.  353 more words

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I have Trust Issues Now...

So I am super peeved off right now. I actually hate everything. I was typing out my response for the reading we had to do for today and made a typo. 629 more words

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