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Up From The Lake Down to the Beach of the East River

Justin and I went to Central Park for a nice Fall day of photo taking and peaceful strolling along the falling leaves. Then, we made our way to the Brooklyn Bridge Park to get a look at Tom Fruin’s stained glass structural art installation right on the water between the Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges. 179 more words

Lights And Color

And so it begins....

I laugh at people who blog. No… Really… I do. People’s hobbies and their funny ways can lead to an alarming and often quite tragic amount of time spent on the internet, talking about life instead of living it. 698 more words


Driving into the future

It’s the stuff of science fiction, but it’s here, now.

Your next car may well have “driverless” capability. You would sit in your car, hands off the steering wheel, feet off the gas and brake pedals, yet your car would drive you to your destination, dodging other cars, pedestrians, and stopping for lights/signs, turning when necessary. 199 more words

Obese dummies key to preventing road deaths?

(CNN) – Car safety testing has come a long way since the days of dropping cadavers down unused elevator shafts in the 1930s.

That we enjoy greater peace of mind on the road — with fatal accidents in the US at historic lows — is largely due to the evolution of crash test dummies. 409 more words