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Revisiting an old friend

THIS is a story, a bit of a rather long winded, on how remarkable Porsche engineering is. I say this because I’ve spent the odd couple of hours over a few days this last week trying to start a relative’s old 911 SC that has been sat doing nothing for the better part of a year. 948 more words


40 minutes

That’s how long one has to wait at the Kah Motor Honda service centre in Jalan Ipoh if they walk in on any ol’ afternoon for an enquiry. 116 more words


Traveling Made Better

Whenever a new car is shown on the television, you automatically think “wow.” Right? If not, then you don’t really appreciate the new advances happening to cars today. 734 more words


Swansea will take care!

Swansea University offers its international students a grreat atmsphere, warm people and  the best supporting structure for international students according to the current masters student Swapnil Mali. 441 more words


Defensive Driving

Defensive driving is defined as a form of training for motor vehicle drivers that goes beyond mastery of the rules of the road and the basic mechanics of driving.  83 more words


Wherein I Rant About a Lack of Real Wagons

I would happily drive any of these WAGONS. Sadly, we won’t see any of them in Canada (maaaaaybe the Focus Wagon, and Mazda6 Wagon, but no confirmation on either of those from their respective manufacturers). 392 more words

Cool Cars

Flickr images

I started my Flickr site a long time ago … But it’s only been with in the last year that I’ve really started to use it … Hopefully there’s something there for everyone so far feel free to follow me! 7 more words