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This man built himself a flashy supercar from £100 Ford Granada

It looks every inch the flashy supercar… but this is actually a 1990 Ford Granada.

Nick Truman bought the ageing motor for £100 and used it as the base for his copy of the 200mph Pagani Zonda. 256 more words


WIDEBODY Mansory Cyrus - Mansory's take on the DBS!

One of the most innovative chassis refinements produced by the noble manufacturer MANSORY is calledCYRUS. Alternatively, it optimizes either model DB9 or DBS made by Aston Martin. 129 more words


50th Victorian Hot Rod Show

I spent an afternoon last weekend at the 50th Victorian Hot Rod Show. It was great to see that level of  craftsmanship.  Pure art.  Some of the Rods were from the very first first show 50 years ago – one I noticed proudly advertising that not only was it at the first show, it still had the same owner! 90 more words


I Like Cars

Can you hear the /r/ sound in this song?

How many cars are in the race?

Can you read these words?






Emergent 2

It's Finally Here - The New Honda NSX

After what feels like centuries, we finally have an all-new Honda NSX. 25 years after the first one was launched Honda has finally shown us it’s follow up. 522 more words


Volvo Sees Your Crossover and Raises Its S60

We’ve had crossovers based on hatchbacks. We’ve had crossover based on wagons. Heck, we’ve even had crossover coupes but now we’ve got a crossover based on a sedan. 432 more words


Being Gay in Pakistan

I went for my regular walk yesterday evening. I walked for two hours straight and vented out to my friend about Belal. I never had such a cathartic moment before ever and it did me so good. 1,042 more words

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