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It’s crazy how much chaos snow can cause. Over the past two days snow has fallen in Manchester causing panic across all regions. It’s as though the world suddenly comes to a stand still, like there is nothing we can do other than pray for nature to work it’s magic and melt the inconvenient yet pretty white fluff away. 186 more words

All-New Ford GT Revealed At Detroit

At this year’s Detroit Motor Show two supercars were unveiled. The new Honda NSX which we knew would be coming for decades and this, the new Ford GT which we didn’t know was coming at all. 561 more words


First drive: 2015 Mazda MX-5

The lightweight roadster reaches its fourth generation, and it’s smaller and snappier than ever. Ollie Marriage reports

for more info click here First drive: 2015 Mazda MX-5


Tesla's hugely anticipated Model X gets caught on video

Tesla first unveiled its Model X crossover utility vehicle (CUV) back in 2012, although it’s not set to release until later this year. Given that the car is fairly close to launch it’s not surprising to see… 177 more words


What a Tesla Model S P85D looks like under the Frunk

Via Reddit

On a slightly different subject, it would be cool as heck if someone invented a refrigerated compartment for the frunk for both groceries and tailgating. 14 more words


Paperless Vehicle Inspections

Back then, inspecting a vehicle entails having to bring a chart or checklist printed on a sheet of paper that is updated every day to guarantee that a vehicle is always in top shape. 209 more words