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Why Making Policy from Polls Can Be Troublesome

It is a constant criticism of politicians; they poll test or focus group everything before making a decision.  If you are one to follow politics, you’ll know that new polls on everything from election horse-races to how the public feels about minute details of policy ideas come out daily.  711 more words

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California's Good Intentions Won't Yield Prosperous Results

Most people want to help the poor, but that doesn’t mean intentions yield results. To illustrate, let’s take two Californians, Ashley and Betsy. Ashley is 18, working retail, about to go off to UCLA, and both of her parents are educated professionals living in Santa Monica. 551 more words

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For Swearengin and Peterson, the Controller Recount Presents Opportunities

Over the weekend, former Assembly Speaker and Democratic candidate for State Controller, John Perez, officially called for a selective recount of 15 counties in the ever-so-close race for 2nd place in the State Controller primary.  911 more words

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And the Winner Is…Cleveland?

Wow, I was wrong.

In my last assessment of the RNC location finalists (the final four were Cleveland, Kansas City, Dallas, and Denver), I predicted that Denver would win out because it is in a swing state, has nice early summer weather, and has held a convention before (so no need to worry about hotel and meeting space). 689 more words

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California's Budget Is a Monument to One-Party Rule

Today marks the first of a recurring column I’ll have on RealClearMarkets.  Check out what I have to say on California economics and economic policy every other Thursday.  711 more words

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