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Groundbreaking observation number 1: because of the intense heat, people work more slowly here and there is less efficiency. You read it here first. Other differences I’ve noticed are.. 1,147 more words



We were welcomed into Cartagena, Colombia with warm humid weather. Customs was nonexistent and our baggage arrived intact, so getting off the plane and into a taxi took no more than 15 minutes. 685 more words


La brisa

First there’s a balloon man in the road.

He walks determinedly against traffic, both fists stuffed full with strings. Bouncing on the other ends are the tethered balloons–all colors, all shapes, all sizes–yanking him with the force of la brisa. 67 more words

Speed walking

We were all speed walking along the boardwalk with the antique boats, past the Pegasus statues, racing to get to all of our various important places. 34 more words

A young boy

I crane my neck to get a better view through the window, sometimes, especially if the bus is moving too fast. Tonight, in a barrio with unpaved dirt roads stemming from the main avenida, under the glow of the yellow street lamps, I see a young boy. 40 more words

Panama Canal Transit - Cartagena

Cartagena is one of the ports on the cruise that I would like to return to visit, especially as we only had a few hours in port and I chose the wrong tour to do, sail around the Bay of Cartagena on a Spanish Galleon. 484 more words