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That Time I Met Your Mother: Saying Goodbye to a Touching Show

It’s been a little over two weeks since we said goodbye to How I Met Your Mother, the yarn that kept on spinning. While it may not have always kept us on the edge of our seat, it was filled with countless bar conversations, clever running jokes, and an astonishing amount of heart for a network sitcom. 634 more words

An Open, Non-Sarcastic Thank You Note To Carter Bays And Craig Thomas, With absolutely No HIMYM Spoilers (And Also This Is Sarcasm).

Dear Mr. Bays and Mr. Thomas,

People tell me I’m a cynic. And though I have my doubts about that…and though those doubts inhibit my acceptance of every other “opinion” that those same people share with me about anything…I’m writing to you gentlemen on behalf to the so called “cynic” community. 1,035 more words

How I Met Your Mother finale review



On March 31st How I Met Your Mother finally concluded after nine seasons, and to say that the finale was divisive is generous to say the least. 1,231 more words

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'HIMYM' Alternate Ending To Be Included In DVD Collection

‘How I Met Your Mother’ fans rejoice! An alternate ending will be included in the DVD Collection that will be released this Fall.

The news was confirmed on Twitter by ‘HIMYM’ Co-creator, Carter Bays. 196 more words


How I Met Your Mother Finale (Spoilers)

In the last three years especially, I have becoming an avid fan of How I Met Your Mother, quite probably as a result of university life: the show provided perfect short episodes for breaks between studying or even a background to work and getting ready, being easy going enough to not take my full attention, but with the occasional emotional episode to keep me gripped. 855 more words


HIMYM box set includes alternate ending

Yes, we’re all sad that the legend –wait for it– dary tale of Ted Mosby’s search for true love has come to an end with  91 more words