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On the drawing of maps

I often get asked in the comments on a post here or on my Google+ account about the details of my map-making. First of all I should aim anyone interested in my mapping styles and techniques to the appropriate… 839 more words


Map: Watch Detroit's Businesses Wake Up

This fascinating visual from The Social Computing Group at MIT Media Lab called You Are Here relies on opening hours of Detroit businesses. By 8am the whole city seems to be awake and into the early hours of the night/morning there are only a handful of 24 hour businesses. 46 more words


Web map projections: the bare minimum you need to know

If you’re making maps, you will probably need to know something about cartographic projections. Here’s the minimum.

  1. The globe is round, maps are flat. Each of the hundreds of different methods for converting from round to flat is a…
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To take root....... the principles of a rhizome

In thinking about nets and sieves and multiplicity, and imagining the kind of menagerie of different ideas that can be built within a blog and interweaving with the web at large by connecting different spheres of knowing, I am reminded of Deleuze & Guattari’s concept of the rhizome, outlined at the opening of their 1980 book… 506 more words

A Thousand Plateaus

The Gulf

The Gulf by James Hunter-Shortland

This is another map I created around the same time as “Saresaea” and it’s a very similar style. I personally find these early maps of mine a little plain, but I always get great feedback on them because of their readability, a factor that suits maps in published works.


ArcGIS Online Tutorial and Map

An online tutorial for using ArcGIS Online is available at <http://www.lib.uwaterloo.ca/locations/umd/digital/documents/ArcGISOnline-Guide-FINAL.pdf>.

Completing this tutorial was required to prepare for the final graded assignment in Introduction to GeoWeb technologies, creation of a thematic “story map” in ArcGIS online. 147 more words

Spatial Data

Super bonus edition!

Well, today was maptastic!  I started the day off with a delightful visit to the Charles University, Faculty of Science, Map Collection Exhibition in Prague.  Fairly awesome.   162 more words