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Mapping the GIS Adventure - Lab 3: Prior Planning Prevents Poor Map Presentation

So, I was working on my preparation for my post about Lab 3, only to realize that I had erred: my Lab 2 map that I had posted was actually my Lab 3 map. 749 more words

Mapping The GIS Adventure

Perils of Doodling in Geography Class

Making maps for fantasy novels seems to be a bit of a norm, especially when there’s heavy world-building involved and even more so when characters don’t like to sit still. 471 more words


Saresaea by James Hunter-Shortland

This is one of my earliest maps and was created for an old story I had been working on. It was created entirely in GIMP and it’s a pretty basic style. 42 more words


Visualizing direction-dependent values

When mapping flows or other values which relate to a certain direction, styling these layers gets interesting. I faced the same challenge when mapping direction-dependent error values. 151 more words


Urban Cartography

Urban Cartography

Weathering on a dissused metal telecom box. Located on a busy road near to me, it gives me a sense of inspiration and wonder whenever i stroll past it.


Wonderful Maps 4. 'Maps Inspired by Harry Beck'

Once tube map designer Harry Beck had moved from concept drawing:

simplifying this:

to this (for more information see HERE):

the design world was quick to adopt and adapt his creation in myriad other marvellous maps. 46 more words