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Cartomancy Skills - Linking a Row of Cards

When reading a row of cards I link the cards together following the basic rule that the card falling to the right will always modify its neighbor to the left… 950 more words


Talking With the Tattered Nomad Oracle

Do you have a burning question that is on your heart and mind? Maybe there is something specific you are wanting answers for. Lets tap into the wisdom of the Universe, and have a conversation with the Tattered Nomad Oracle! 52 more words


September 2014: Explore Lenormand with Divine Flame

Join us in September 2014 as we explore the “Lenormand” system of divination with cards.

Named after Mlle Marie Anne Adelaide Lenormand, the system features 36 cards with pictures on them. 156 more words


In The Cards: King of Clubs

I read the king of clubs much as I would the King of Wands in a Tarot reading, with two particular aspects to the clubs/wands/batons card. 117 more words


GRAND TABLEAU: Past Present Future Version 004

In this next stage of this review of the past-present-future technique we enter the present.

Not all readers exploiting this technique, however, have a designated ‘present’ section. 422 more words

Grand Tableau (How To Do)

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