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Discussion: Strength

Full of confidence and eager for a challenge, the Fool comes upon a young maiden, locked in combat with a ferocious lion. This is my chance! 696 more words


Mundane or Spiritual Tarot Spread

The Mundane or Spiritual, three card spread, is a good spread to help the querent answer the question, “Where should I focus?” Should the querent be focusing on the mundane or on the spiritual aspects of their life? 246 more words


THE COCONUT SELLER - a Philippine Folk Tale

Source: Mabel Cook Cole, Philippine Folk Tales (Chicago: A. C. McClurg, 1916), p. 88.


One day a man who had been to gather his coconuts loaded his horse heavily with the fruit. 322 more words

Black Knight

CLOUD EATING a South African Folk Tale

from South-African Folk-Tales, by James A. Honey

JACKAL and Hyena were together, it is said, when a white cloud rose. Jackal descended upon it, and ate of the cloud as if it were fat. 656 more words

Black Knight

Ace of Hearts

Cartomancy Card Meanings and Combinations

Ace of Hearts

Suit Influence:

Love, emotions, feelings, romance, marriage, children, happiness, peace, contentment, comfort, compassion, compatibility, sympathy, empathy, sharing, family matters, relationships, friends, intimacy, rest, relaxation, amusement, entertainment, fun, fantasy, summer, warmth, laziness, pleasure, peace, calm, creativity, art, beauty, soul connections, religion, hope, healing, intuition, honesty, trust and goodwill.   905 more words


Discussion: The Chariot

After a brief hiatus, C&C is back! This week, we follow the Fool as he departs from his lover and strikes off yet again on his own, now less a boy and more a man than he was when he began his journey. 812 more words


Mysteries of the Cartomancy Daily Card Draw

The Cartomancy Daily Card Draw can be a real mystery, and often it’s only in hindsight that we can understand the true message in the daily cards. 458 more words