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Hi everyone,

I have always been into astrology. More recently, another form of divination, or as I like to think of it, spiritual connection, has caught my interest: cartomancy. 674 more words


A few notes on how to read court cards in connection with yes/no questions.

You don’t.

If you’re one of those who follow the cunning folk system of reading playing cards – which is to say that you’re logical about it all, and use your own head rather than that of another – then you know that the first rule you obey is that of color. 830 more words

Andy's "Thirty Six Cards – An Introduction to the Petit Lenormand" - don't miss this!

If you want a solid foundation in Lenormand reading (and not a lot of misinformation that you’ll only have to unlearn later), don’t miss Andy Boroveshengra’s… 90 more words


An Interview With Lauren Forestell

(Interviewed by Caitlín Matthews)

What drew you to reproduce antique Lenormand decks?

This is a long story. Are you sure you want it?

When I first became enamored with the Lenormand it didn’t take long to be drawn to the antique decks because of the simplicity and clarity of the symbols. 1,574 more words


The turn of a friendly card

I can’t find my tarot deck anymore – it’s here somewhere, but ever since I moved to the country, I’ve been unable to find it. 520 more words

My Projects

Lenormand Spreads: 3 x 3 (Again)

The 3 x 3 (square of nine) is not actually my favourite spread for the petit-Lenormand or playing cards.  Nevertheless, I was asked to do another tutorial on it back in late January, but have never got around to it, so I apologise for that. 467 more words

3X3 Square Of Nine

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Square of Nine - AndyBC

Reaction Layout featuring the Lenormand Revolution cards

Here’s another little layout I’ve studied for several years and found it to be helpful when asking a specific question.  I am featuring the Lenormand Revolution (Carrie Paris, Roz Foster). 740 more words

*job Questions

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The reaction layout - by Seaqueen.