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Quick Critiques - Over The Garden Wall

Time for a long overdue look at this glorious little Cartoon Network miniseries. Potatoes and molasses not included.

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Amayirot Akago

LOOK! Something Shiny - Steven and His Important Part in Our Universe.

I have spent most of my adult life working with young children. I am preschool teacher, and even though I come home on most days covered in various body fluids with play-doh in my dreads I don’t care, because I get to help kids see how awesome they are. 373 more words

Do the Locomotion with me! – parte I

Minha infância, por mais conturbada que tenha sido, também foi bem proveitosa.

No quesito “liberdade”, acho que tive dois dos melhores pais do mundo. Eles me deixavam livres para imaginar, escrever, desenhar, pensar e falar qualquer coisa que me desse na telha. 1,885 more words


Taking A Shine To Steven Universe: Gem Glow

For over a year, my daughter stuck to PBS and The Disney Channel when it came to her viewing habits. In the past year or so, she’s migrated away from public television (I’ll always love you… 555 more words


Kimpossible & More In Most Missed TV Animations (According To Mannie)

Y’all remember those days, when TV Cartoons were still the BOMB-DIGITY!? Well, I do! And although a few of them today are cool, they still don’t beat the old ones. 464 more words

According To Mannie