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Featured Artist: Martin Handford

Today I thought I’d feature an artist that inspired me as a child. I remember being SO excited when my parents gave my my first and only copy of a Where’s Waldo book and pouring over the pages for hours. 507 more words


A Handful of New Gridgangers!

Folmer Kelly and I made some revisions to the card layout and designs.  Mostly dropping the logo down in size a lot to free up real estate.   165 more words

Sci Fi

BRING THE NOISE! Legendary Seattle artist David Toledo makes the leap from street art to political activism.

Originally published 10/08/14: http://theincrediblecrew.blogspot.com/2014/10/bring-noise-legendary-seattle-artist.html

Seattle is known as both a place of artistic expression and of issue advocacy.  On one hand Seattle is a place where creativity flourishes and bursts forth in the form of game-changing music, technology, and art appreciation centers; while on the other hand advancing the rights of workers, launching innovative youth outreach programs, and addressing race & social justice issues head-on. 4,376 more words

The Return of Robo (1992)

I remember doing this project in 2nd grade with my friend Cole.  It bears pointing out that we co-plotted this story.  Cole lettered and I drew the pics, despite the Stan Lee-style credits.  36 more words