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Sterling Silver Byzantine Carve Ring, Greek Jesus Prayer Extrude

This silver ring bears the Jesus Prayer in ring, antiqued to bring depth to the text relief. The pattern is a traditional style often found in Byzantine wood carving.

Tree of Life Dinner Set: How a Seed of Inspiration Grew To Something More

The original “Tree of Life” dinner set was inspired by my love of nature and my good friend, Jennifer. This set has not only been very fun to make, but also quite popular. 556 more words

DIY Custom Beer Tap

Check out our custom beer tap for a new micro brewery in Oklahoma. The design was based on the client’s awesome vintage scooter. We helped develop their brand by designing the Scooter Brue logo. 53 more words

6 August 2014

Today I took a picture of a carving.


Yazilind Silver Plated Flower Leaf Plant Shape Carve Full Shining Crystal Brooches and Pins

Yazilind Silver Plated Blossom Leaf Plant Form Carve Full Shining Crystal Brooches and Pins

Material: Alloy / Crystal
It’s a needed to match your clothes… 24 more words

That's the Yvolution!

That’s our evolution
When we are babies, we crawl then we stumble and rise to finally walk and run. That’s when we want to go faster and discover the tricycle and the bike … 258 more words


The cursed acanthus guitar

Anyone that’s been keeping up with the, somewhat slow and troublesome, progression of my guitar build, will know, it’s been slow and troublesome!

I put it down to a curse laid upon the tree long before it was chopped down. 473 more words