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I made Smaug for my most recent assignment. Carved in wax and then cast in an alloy of 10% silver and 90% copper. Definitely one of the more challenging things I’ve done this year but there’s just something about casting that is so satisfying and so rewarding. 59 more words

18th april 2014

Good Friday Foto ,taken in a cemetery in Windsor,UK on the Holga 135BC and some home brand colour print film from Boots.

Helen Amyes

Global GF24 Straight Carving Fork

Another tool, the chisel, has a straight cutting edge used for cutting lines and cleaning up flat surfaces. Chisels can also be used for wedging and are often paired with hammers for being driven into the wood. 300 more words


Global G3 8 14 inch 21cm Carving Knife

If you are looking for a kitchen makeover and if you are in a fix when it come to knives, then the answer to your search is… 311 more words



You pulled the top
Layer off,
Then the next
You continued until
You were stripping nerves
Then the pain started
You thought you wouldn’t get… 62 more words


Easter Football - Chinese Artist Carves Football Players on Eggs

Wang Huaping, a Chinese artist and football fan, carves the faces of famous football players on eggs.

Wang Huaping has carved hundreds if not thousands of eggs, and is an established artist in his home city of Tianjin. 53 more words


orang mom with baby, the story behind

some comments on my orang mom wth baby sculpt made me think it would be nice for my dear readers to know where this sculpt came from ,,,, actually, she is hanging over my bed ;-) …lol… as a releifcarving i did almost 5 years ago: 60 more words