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recap: the good wife 6x09, "sticky content"

Well, I survived NWSA, and did not vomit, cry, or sweat profusely during my panel presentation (though, as is to be expected, I was covered in an intense humidity sheen and had a serious wild-hair situation the entire time I was in San Juan.) I might tell you some day about cool things people presented about at the conference, or the 5 books I managed to read over the weekend (#vacationpriorities), but not any time before the end of the semester — in fact, I’m not even going to do full recaps of last week’s  1,426 more words


The Good Wife: "Red Zone"

Sure, Alicia’s a good person, and sure Alicia cares, but she does care plenty about her image. Alicia’s never strayed away from presenting a composed version of herself, despite whatever inner turmoil she may be facing, and she’s not an open book. 1,107 more words


recap: the good wife 6x07, "message discipline"

To prepare myself for writing these recaps, I take sloppy handwritten notes to remind myself of things I might want to mention. But my notes on this week’s episode of  1,193 more words

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THE GOOD WIFE, S6E7 ROUNDTABLE: Asking for things

By Anamika Roy and David Oliver

This episode was enjoyable for many reasons, the first of which was that Finn Polmar was in a lot it but we’ll get to that later. 758 more words

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The Good Wife: "Message Discipline"

Is Alicia a terrible politician?

Perhaps. She’s so inherently against it, and its values, that it’s hard to see how she could ever end up being good. 1,128 more words



By David Oliver and Anamika Roy 

Another week, another solid episode of “The Good Wife.” Truthfully, I don’t know how this show could really go wrong at this point *this is not jinxing it.* 364 more words

Recaps & Roundtables

The Good Wife: "Old Spice"

“Old Spice” is a weird episode.

Weird of course because Elsbeth Tascioni and her eccentric personality are around to work alongside Alicia in facing a federal charge, brought by Kyle Machlachan’s Josh Perrotti. 1,068 more words