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The amount of omega-3 (DHA) in a mother’s milk more important than money spent per pupil in predicting test performance

Their findings show that the amount of omega-3 docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) in a mother’s milk — fats found primarily in certain fish, nuts and seeds — is the strongest predictor of test performance. 1,283 more words

Missed - Medical Breakthroughs

Delivery Systems II week I

So here we are back from vacation, however over vacation I developed what I thought was conjunctivitis however by thinking so and going to the er, I missed my 1st day of class ever :(.   250 more words

#DIG251 - #HTML and #CSS ... Anyone for a cup of coffee?

My first week’s exercises. Very simple coding in HTML and CSS, but everyone’s got to start somewhere, right? I should probably count my blessings – this week hasn’t been as demanding as I anticipated and has provided me with a little extra time to attend to the MOOCs I am currently working through. 464 more words


Delivery Systems Week 4-Copyright

Well its that time :) Week 4 is final done!!! {starts singing and dancing to Celebration-Kool & and the Gang}.

Nah for what started out easy, to getting more coding, was an ending nightmare, okay it was not that bad, however I did manage to stay positive all this month even having a few frustrating moments building, but most of all coming up with writing content. 371 more words

Delivery Systems Week 3 CSS to the Rescue

So this past week was a bit of a cluster! Even better a very bad week to begin with.  This week we learned a bit more about CSS.   275 more words

Graphic Design

Tips - CSS Selectors and HTML Branches

As i mentioned in a previous post, I’m learning HTML/Javascript at the moment via Codecademy and will post stuff I have learnt, so others who follow/Google can learn. 273 more words


Delivery Systems Week 2

So this is the end of week 2 and the beginning of week 3.  So a few things I learned this week is first of all is not to over exhaust yourself between work and school and fall asleep during lecture when trying to learn the basics of HTML/CSS. 197 more words