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Walser Rewards - The re:sults

In case you are curious, we get serious results at re:member group. Walser Automotive Group teamed up with the us to create Walser Rewards a few years ago. 84 more words

Are your creative teams spending too much time pushing paper?

A Case Study:
Convert-It!, Tag-It!, and Route-It! allow designers to focus on creative tasks.

Client Description
A Southern California apparel company with a unique style and emphasis on skateboarding, surfing, music, and “fun”. 300 more words

Case Study

Do you strive to cut weeks from your catalog creation process?

A Case Study:
La Jolla Group LLC reduces catalog creation time by 85% with E-Spec In-Cat!

Client Description
La Jolla Group, Inc. (“LJG”) is the world’s premier multi-brand apparel licensing company, with a portfolio of prominent brands including O’Neill Clothing USA, Metal Mulisha Clothing and FMF Clothing. 339 more words


ADVERSITY & How to Bounce Back from Repeated Setbacks #Handel

by Bob Whitesel, 10/20/14

Tis the story of another famous artist, whose masterpiece was titled simply Messiah, but which almost did not come about … if but for the intervention of God and the men he sent along George Frederick Handel’s path. 407 more words

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PRAISE & What SDG & J.J. Meant to Johann Sebastian Bach

by Bob Whitesel, 10/20/14

This man’s proficiency at balancing numerous tasks (much less performing them on the organ), makes him worthy of our scrutiny. Here is a scripture and a story that sums up the Christian faith that Johann Sebastian Bach embraced. 358 more words

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Case #1- Letting Go

***These case presentations are intended to get you to think about the patient, not just the diagnosis.***

92 yo female with a PMH of CHF presents with her daughter after a slow moving MVC. 604 more words

Physician Assistant

HUMILITY & How Felix Mendelssohn Championed the Music of a Rival

by Bob Whitesel 10/20/14

Here we uncover the story of a man whose selfless acts would ensure that his place in history would be downplayed, and that the memory of an earlier rival would be esteemed. 452 more words

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