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Reactions to The Lowell Experiment

As I read The Lowell Experiment, I found myself wondering when does public history end and social change activism begin. I have understood that history is not just about “the facts” but about how those facts influenced later events or circumstances. 562 more words

Public History

Pensions How Could You Benefit?

A short animation that shows how starting to save in NEST when you’re younger might improve your retirement income.

The figures in this video are just examples. 119 more words

Pensions Explained

What is a pension? Pensions explained

Pensions can seem complicated but they’re just a way of setting aside money for your retirement. This video explains how they work

Pensions Explained

Brand App Has Citizens Geotag Offensive Graffiti For Removal

Excerpt from this article:

Street art has been accepted as an art form for quite some time now, but there are still people who use the urban environment to spread hateful messages.

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Nike Vending Machine Accepts FuelBand as Form of Payment

Excerpt from this article:

The Nike FuelBox lets users cash in their wearable wristband for sports gear like socks, shirts, and hats

Case Study for Next Week - Oct 30

Please download the case study Usa Today Redesigns. Read and think about the following questions which we will in our next class…

  1. What were USA Today’s objectives in redesigning its e-commerce presence?
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KFC Phone Stack

Malaysians spend a quarter of their waking hours on phones.
From the looks of things, that figure is set to increase year after year. Firm believers that good food has the power to bring people together, KFC wanted to get people to reconnect with the people around them.

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