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Casey Anthony Judge Joins Private Practice

ORLANDO, Fla. (AP) — A Florida judge who gained an international audience while presiding over Casey Anthony’s murder trial is retiring from the bench, but not from the courtroom. 123 more words


Essay: One Fire to Cleanse Them All...

First Published on Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony was found not guilty yesterday of killing her daughter, Caylee Anthony. And the mob roared, “Give us blood! 1,450 more words


In Re: HaLeigh Cummings (the unspeakable spoken)

The follow up to “In Re: Caylee Anthony (the shocking truth explained)” – “In Re: HaLeigh Cummings (the unspeakable spoken)” reveals two dynamics to the HaLeigh Cummings mystery that have kept the public confused for five years. 107 more words

Shit Pretty People Get Away With

Pretty people get away with shit. It sucks, but it is the truth. Pretty people can get away with being weird, quirky or even strange, because it makes them more interesting, or people perceive it as “sexy”. 261 more words

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Jodi Arias~~Manipulation

(This is becoming laughable)

Jodi Arias asked a judge Wednesday to postpone the second penalty phase of her murder trial, explaining she would no longer represent herself if one of her two attorneys is allowed to quit the case.

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Casey Anthony

Temporary Living, Temporary Insanity

I’ve always loved the idea that memories can be stored inside a space. When you find yourself in familiar surroundings, the rush of recall can almost be overwhelming. 968 more words


Casey Anthony has passed let him RIP with the angels

It makes no sense to me as to why someone would be stupid enough to bother someone after they have passed. Isn’t it bad enough that someone attempted to cause an interrupt of the medical care while alive and now that Mr. 39 more words

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