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marry me: pilot

Another new romantic comedy!

Annie (Casey Wilson) and Jake (Ken Marino) have been dating for six years and have just come back from a romantic vacation in Mexico. 162 more words


Do You Miss 'Happy Endings'? Here Are Some Ah-mah-zing Penny Hartz Moments To Get You By.

Sadly, Happy Endings ended its wonderful series run back in 2013 after only three seasons. While the comedy was beloved by hardcore fans, its ratings were super low, so ABC canceled it. 445 more words


Get With the Program: Marry Me

During Fall Premiere season, sometime you have to step back and objectively evaluate each show based on their respective merits. I said sometimes you have to do that. 239 more words

Get With The Program

Marry Me: Never Apart

Annie (Casey Wilson) wears a Never Apart T-shirt in the “Move Me” episode of Marry Me. The shirt retails for $125 on Sandro Paris.


Gone Girl (2014) - reviewed by George

This movie exists on a spine of twists and surprises that will keep people recalling it for years. Gillian Flynn did an excellent job of honing her novel to a screenplay, pretty much by tossing out everything BUT the “Spine of Surprises”. 304 more words


Marry Me: A Comedy With Real Laughs

More than it’s comedy counterparts, Marry Me is already gaining its footing towards becoming a real hit.  Despite the ratings dip from last week, Marry Me is slowly making its move from romantic comedy to just a pure comedic treasure.   619 more words

What's Good?

Ken Marino tries to 'eye cuddle' with Casey Wilson on 'Marry Me'

Do you like to cuddle? Do you have two eyes? Are they open? Then you might be capable of achieving maximum intimacy and connection with your spouse/partner/significant other via an “open-eye cuddle.” 116 more words