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Mo Money, Mo Problems! Dumping Debt

An article from CNN Moneys stated that β€œan estimated 1 in 3 adults with a credit history — or 77 million people — are so far behind on some of their debt payments that their account has been put in collections.” 419 more words

How To Earn Massive Cash Fast! Simple 3 Step System!

Top 2015 Pre-Launch! FGXpress is the First MLM in the World to have a FDA Listed Class 1 Medical Device, Listed OTC. Never before has the Opportunity to be in First been available to the average person. 48 more words


2015-01-31 – Month-End Report: $11,080.08 ($896.28 / 7.48% under Plan)

A well-timed sale of my SOXL position on Wednesday didn’t offset the unexpected drop in Silver prices on Thursday. No technical damage was done; in fact, on Thursday/Friday Silver completed a successful back-test of its’ recent break-out (which prompted me to enter a trade in USLV in the first place). 317 more words

CPF Usage

CPF investments: The right way!


Be Thirfty Now!! Capitalise It Now!

Always want to swim with the big shots, here is your chance at a lower cost!



Playing Stocks Like Amateur Is Like Buying Lottery

Did you win from stocks yesterday?

But will you sustain?

Or are there still counters that you are stuck in losing the paper value?

Being thrifty is not to gamble and it means not investing blindly waiting for a miracle because it seldom will.


Really? You Think You Only Paid $150K For That Manager's Sale Mercedes? Think Again


This piece of write up is only relevant to Singapore car buyers! If you are not a Singaporean and not driving here, feel blessed!!