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Tomato and Plum Crumble

Is there anything better than fresh tomatoes when they’re perfectly in season? I’ve eaten a slightly ridiculous amount of tomatoes in the past month or so. 591 more words

Six Essential Vegan Cooking Techniques and Cheats

A couple weeks back, I posted (here) about how much I love Mark Bittman’s style of recipe writing because, rather than merely providing instructions on how to make one specific dish, he offers tools and skills you can use to get creative in the kitchen. 525 more words


Vegan Creamy Mushroom Leek Sauce + Gluten Free Knödel Bread Dumplings ♡ Vegan Recipes

Get the recipe and measurements: http://vegan-recipes.com Hello everyone! Thank you all so much for subscribing to my channel! Sorry I took so long to get this video up. 24 more words

My Favorite Vegan & Gluten-free Substitutions

I get asked a lot what exactly I eat while staying vegan. That always catches me by surprise, because it seems pretty simple to me at this point, after adhering to this way of eating for over 2 years. 1,583 more words


Spend Less, Own less, Live and Eat Well

In my post Rustic Simplicity, I mentioned how I’ve been de-cluttering. I need to do this—almost every week—because it’s like having a weight lifted off my shoulders and helps me breathe easier, think clearer, prioritize effectively and live better and more balanced. 711 more words

This And That

Crave-worthy Kale with Cashew Cream!


I actually posted this recipe about a year and a half ago….but it’s honestly it’s so good that I have to repost it.  I probably eat this every other week, my husband loves it and I have converted none-kale eaters into kale-lovers with this recipe! 281 more words

Vegetables And Fruit

Purses Can Be Picnic Baskets

On a busy day full of errands or work travel, think of your purse as a picnic basket. Before heading out, pack a one-container lunch, and fill a reusable bottle with water and slices of lemon and cucumber. 652 more words

Seasonal Lunches