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Buckwheat Pancakes- with nut cream

Vegan Cheesecake- nutty base, cashew cream filling and arrowroot jelly-tastic top!

I LOVE the REVIVE CAFE cookery books (and actual cafe!) and have been trying out a few of their lush recipes! 41 more words

Cilantro-lime cashew cream

I used this as a topping together with a salsa roja on enchiladas but I’m only providing a recipe for the cashew cream sauce here, because I didn’t do any measuring for the rest of the dish. 425 more words


Raw Vegan Sweet Orange Fig Tart

So on one of my frequent trips to my local Co’op I noticed some figs in stock. Being as I’m in Idaho, figs are quite the rarity and I’ve never really gotten the chance to develop a taste for them….well, until now. 343 more words

Gluten Free

Cool Crumble

Well it is definitely time for a crumble to so I can put to good use the apples I’ve been given as well as eating up some of the blackberries in my garden.Mmmm blackberries – I’ve had a bumper crop of this little antioxidant gem rich in nutrients this year and Spikey my dog is always out in the garden helping himself to any blackberry he can reach. 289 more words

Cilantro Cashew Cream

This is an old standby for me. You can make sauces, sweet or savory creams, salad dressings, garnishes for soups, and a thousand kinds of dip from this basic recipe by changing out herbs and spices. 118 more words


If I am what I eat, what am I if I eat nuts?

I love nuts. In fact maybe I am a little bit nuts… now that’s a bit off-topic.  Did you know that not only are nuts delicious but they are also good for you in more ways than one?  161 more words

Raw Strawberry Dreamcake (Cashew Cheesecake)

This is the perfect dessert for when you have dinner guests. It looks and sounds impressive (a cheese-cake sans the cheese?!) and is made completely from fruit and nuts! 674 more words

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