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Today we have gotten to the third and final part of our series, three basic principles to wealth creation. We have discussed learning and applying the necessary skills… 395 more words

"Cash is king" series - Profit Vs. Cashflow

In my experience working with small to medium sized businesses the biggest issue has always been managing cashflow.


Follow the Cash!

This sounds so very basic, but in business “following the cash” doesn’t seem to be a routine task.  Many small businesses focus of revenue or net income, but few business owners really take the time to understand cash flow.  351 more words

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Our Adventures with a Roth IRA

A little less than a year ago, my wife landed a position with a wealth management department of a large bank.  It took awhile, but finally their compliance department said we could not keep my 15-year-old daughter’s Custodial Roth IRA at its then current custodian.   348 more words

Saving Money

Three Basic Principles to Wealth Creation. Part 2.

Last week we began this Three Basic Principles to Wealth Creation with learning and applying the necessary skills. Today, we share another cliche. 286 more words

Quindell cash flow from August 2014 interim statement

Back from holiday and busy reading the update from Quindell PLC today.

I just wanted to draw your attention to what I believe is the key section of the Quindell update today in my opinion, namely the section entitled “Focus on Fundamental Cash Dynamics”. 249 more words


Break even in farming

Farmer’s, even if they know their costs, face a problem in that they can’t do anything about crop prices. If the price is above break even, it may even make sense to rent more land to grow more. 56 more words

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