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Lending your Limited Company Money


“I am a business consultant and I have recently opened a limited company which I am due to start trading through shortly. I have opened a business bank account but would like to put in some start up cash (about £5k) into the account to fund the first couple of months cashflow as although I have some contracted work, the invoices will not be paid for 30 days from submission.  243 more words

Turn your $25 into Unlimited $20 Payments...

There’s a New Money Making “BOSS” Program in Town…
Pays You Straight to PayPal, NO Trials to Forget, NO Pyramid Deals, 35 more words


Get Over Your Fears and Take Action Today!

By the end of 2011, I had completed nine years of real estate investment courses.  Acquisition, cashflow, buy & hold, flipping, landlording, rent to own, taxation law… the list goes on and on. 1,121 more words

Financial Freedom

Is my Business Viable?

This question comes in various forms from concerned business owners – but for me, it’s not so much as case of whether the business is viable… 922 more words

Business Advisory

Should I borrow to buy an asset?

How much money you borrow, when you do so, and how you choose to repay the loan has a huge effect on your overall financial wellbeing. 550 more words


How to get the most out of CreditHQ

If you own a small business, then knowing what your competitors, suppliers and partners are up to, and when you will get paid is a must. 561 more words

Small Business

2 things every start-up should know

If you run a start-up or are a part of a start-up there are two things you need to know and think about every day.  Remembering these two things will serve you well as you grind it out everyday and when you move from start-up to growth. 292 more words