Film Club Leaderboard: November Edition

As another month passes, so too does another Film Club entry. After reviewing such classics as Star Wars and The Departed, November’s choice was a more middle of the road affair. 434 more words

Star Wars

Sacramento Casino Shutdown For Not Paying Customers’ Winnings

SACRAMENTO (CBS SF)_ State officials have shut down a Sacramento casino after it allegedly failed to pay off tens of thousands in winnings it owed customers. 123 more words


Physical Examination...

Recently I have been looking for inspiration in random places and thought of an old friend that had done pieces about TV shows and Movies. This is really not something I like to do because I feel like it’s company other peoples work even though you are, hopefully, creating something new and original inspired by someone else’s work. 267 more words

Charlie Countryman (Cinema Screening)

(Spoiler free)

Only last week was Shia LaBeouf quoting bible verses in amidst all the action that came with being a crew member of a WWII tank in war drama Fury. 595 more words

Cinema Screenings

My Favourites

At the beginning of September, I published, along with many others, a list of ten books that have stayed with me. Not my favourites. Just those that have affected me, although there is some crossover. 780 more words

Opinion And Comment

Schwarzenegger Used a James Bond Lifestyle Technique in Terminator 3

A powerful technique in Live the James Bond Lifestyle is: Use your own cash.
Sometimes in business there is an opportunity that requires money that your company may not approve. 266 more words

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