Film Quizzes: Films set in Italy - Part 1

Having just got back from a wonderful trip to Rome, I just had to do a quiz that celebrated such a beautiful, romantic and historical country’s contribution to cinema. 58 more words

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Casino Royale Review


By far the BEST Bond film. This was also my first Bond film, and it made me think I would like all of the Bonds. 631 more words

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Fabulous Capello (Venezia 39)

As I’ve grown older, and have spent more time in hotter climes, I’ve become more tolerant of the sun, (or I’m more judicious in finding shade!)  I notoriously suffered sun stroke on my honeymoon in Rome and for many years afterwards wore a succession of bandana’s, baseball caps and bush hats, but the headgear I always coveted was the Panama Hat.  149 more words


Ten Favorite Movies: Number 3 - Casino Royale

Like this list, Bond’s respectability was gone for a long time.

In 2002, the Bourne Identity hit theaters. More importantly, Die Another Day hit theaters. In the latter film, this happened. 1,686 more words

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My Favorite Scenes: Casino Royale - Opening Credits

How are you guys? Finally we are returning to “My Favorite Scenes”! And today we are taking a look at one of the longest running franchises of all time. 64 more words


Flame and Citron (2008)

Once you resist the temptations of masterpieces like Crocodile Dundee II and BoJack Horseman, Netflix tends to have a pretty sizable catalogue of foreign films for your viewing pleasure. 558 more words