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Las Vegas Anthem by Mersadees Binns

We are taking you all around the world in Las Vegas!!!!
You will get a small piece of the big picture!
Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it!!!!!!!! 10 more words

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Casinos and Urban Development

My op-ed in the Hamilton Spectator about casinos, gambling, gentrification, Bed-Stuy, and the joy of doing things slowly.

We were editorial assistants and bartenders. We were starting our own catering companies or folk bands or we were social media “brand managers” or selling stuff on Etsy to get by.

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Bed Stuy

Quora Answers: How long does it take to learn how to deal in blackjack?

It took me six weeks to be ready to deal on a live game. I took a class offered by the casino. I responded to an ad in the paper. 468 more words

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Quora Answers: How much probability do you use in poker?

You can’t be a winning player without understanding and “using” probability. The stakes, number of opponents, online or live, it doesn’t matter. You must have a basic understanding of the probability behind the game to have any shot at becoming a break even player. 322 more words

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Quora Answers: Poker: What are some famous poker matches ever played?

At the final table of the 1998 World Series of Poker Main Event, amateur Kevin McBride check-raised all in on the river vs pro poker player Scotty Nguyen, then went to the bathroom while Nguyen went into the tank (sat thinking about what to do). 37 more words

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Quora Answers: Casino Games: What are some examples of game protection in casinos?

As a dealer, your first priority is to protect your game. Every move you make is designed with that aim in mind.

There is a precise movement for handling checks and cash, making payouts, picking up losing bets, making check change and coloring up. 579 more words

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Quora Answers: Is Roulette a Waste of Money?

It depends on your goals and motivations for playing. If your goal is to have fun, and you think playing roulette is fun, then how could it be a waste of money? 188 more words

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