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CDC: Dead Ebola victims should be buried in 'hermetically sealed' caskets

CDC: Dead Ebola victims should be buried in ‘hermetically sealed’ caskets

8 Oct 2014 …”The CDC has developed detailed instructions for handling a body infected with Ebola,” the health department said in a written statement. 69 more words


Recycling, Even After Death

 Every human being has given at least some thought as to how they’d like to dispose of their remains after death. For those who are religious, the course of action is often predetermined: many branches of Christianity require the body be buried intact so that it may rise when Jesus returns; Hinduism (with some exceptions) mandates cremation. 627 more words


Empty caskets and fallen trees.

So My anxiety has been up and down the past few days so I’ve been laying low. It’s been mostly down today.

For a great while earlier in the day I was so fatigued and exhausted that all I wanted to do was drink some tea and lay in bed with my puppies watching Vampire Diaries (which is equally horrible and entertaining.) instead of fighting my illness like I normally do, I just kind of…let it happen. 330 more words

Material Caskets

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Brass Urns

Write Before You Die?

Ok, let’s cut right to the chase. In the west, we do NOT like to see death. We do not like to even think about death. 314 more words