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One Night Trip: Köln ‘n’ Casper

03. – 04.04.2014

Ich bin um 5 aufgestanden, mit 4 Stunden Schlaf und saß um kurz nach 7 im Zug nach Nürnberg,

von da aus hat mich ein sehr netter Andres in einem schönen sportlichen Zweisitzer in Höchstgeschwindigkeit nach Köln gefahren. 661 more words


365/5 - "Waiting"

Every evening, Casper waits (somewhat!) patiently to be taken for his walk in the woods. (He knows the chief dog-walker is on the other side of that door). 220 more words


Baby Hudson

Oh, Hudson stole my heart. He was such a good little boy! It took him a while to fall asleep, but who could blame him for wanting to stay up and party? 63 more words

Casper, the "friendly" ghost

he glides over me
in the middle of the night
he breathes
caressing my skin like
cool whispers in hot places
I quiver as he moves… 103 more words

Random Thoughts

Steven Spielberg

From Jaws to Casper the Friendly Ghost, Spielberg has created so many films and so many different genres that your head might spin. Many of… 54 more words

Casper - NII & RepExchng, [CJ111-8/4]


I’m at the beginning of sorting delta and art, have even started negotiating a new contract with a receiving D-Notice already filed.

So low energy, literally tho. 167 more words

Reminiscing My 25 Years of Life… #3 (follow up to post #2) Remember Me This Way...

April: Dedication post to myself, #3 (f/up to #2) – all time favourite soundtrack song which i have to sing when i go karoke.. :) 214 more words

The Life I Live