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Automatically suppressing the iCloud and Diagnostics pop-up windows with Casper

When I updated to 10.10.1 yesterday, as part of the restart process I noticed that I was seeing the Diagnostics pop-up window appear on login. 188 more words

Mac Administration

UINavigationBar translucency without it overlaying initial content

I have a UINavigationBar in my UIViewController and it is on top of content (in my specific case a UITableView). I have positioned the table view with auto-layout’s visual language setting it to: … 91 more words

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Casper & Wendy Full Circle Bag from Handmade Bags in Natural Fabrics

I’m a big fan of staring at Japanese pattern books – the colours and layouts are just so satisfying. This bag is from a new English-language release from Tuttle Publishing,  503 more words


WY - Six weeks later, family searches for missing mother Kristi Richardson

Amber Fazio keeps a birthday card on her desk, the pastel colors standing out from the other paperwork.

It’s one of those sentimental Hallmark cards. She receives one every year from her mother. 40 more words


Jenny+Mark Engagements|| Utah Wedding Photographer in Wyoming

I hadn’t seen Jenny since high school, and so of course I was so excited when she asked me to be her wedding photographer! It was so much fun to be able to shoot out at the Marton Ranch again and hang out with my old buddies Jenny and Molly. 48 more words

how to navigate to another xaml page in Windows Mobile

I’m trying to go to another xaml page when listbox item in current xaml page clicked. Here is how I did.

 private void mainList_SelectionChanged(object sender, SelectionChangedEventArgs e)
        if (mainList.SelectedIndex == -1)
        groupID = ((SurveyWindowsPhone.Tables.SurveyGroup)(e.AddedItems[0])).GroupID.ToString();
        groupName = ((SurveyWindowsPhone.Tables.SurveyGroup)(e.AddedItems[0])).GroupName.ToString();
        RegisterSurveyee reg = new RegisterSurveyee();
        reg.groupName = groupName;
        reg.groupID = groupID;
        ((ListBox)sender).SelectedIndex = -1; 
        NavigationService.Navigate(new Uri("/RegisterSurveyee",UriKind.Relative));
… 26 more words
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How to repair (most) SSLv3 issues with AutoPkgr and a JSS with a self signed cert.

A few notes before the repair:

  1. AutoPkgr should work without issue when talking to a JSS with a valid (non-self signed) cert, but may appear in any situation, every environment is different it seems.
  2. 363 more words