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Is Team Identifier still necessary for iCloud Container

I have a quick question: I noticed that with Xcode 6 that the default iCloud containers are named something like iCloud.com.company.myApp. Even though my Team-Id is selected under the… 66 more words

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Three Things Thursday - More Festiveness, and also the Grinch!

Okay so first things first. (Though technically it’s tomorrows news) One of my best friends is getting back from her eleven month gap year trip, and I am probably far too excited, but there you go. 297 more words


Google autocomplete suggestions for “Washington, D.C.” and “D.C.” are not created equal

Google users search for different terms when asking about Washington, D.C. versus just plain old D.C.

I recently read an Atlantic article about Google’s autocomplete suggestions for “Why is so __________.” The idea here is that people on Google search for why a state is so , and then Google aggregates those searches into autocomplete suggestions. 416 more words

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Colorado Man Gets Prison In Texas Prostitution Case

WICHITA FALLS, Texas (AP) – A Colorado man has been sentenced to more than three years in federal prison in a prostitution and online case linked to Texas and Wyoming. 119 more words


Trying to set `setNextKeyView` on `NSTextField`s in code

I am having difficulties with setting a tab-order for my NSTextFields.

In my AppDelegate I add a NSViewController

- (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching:(NSNotification *)aNotification {

    CustomViewController *vc = [ init];

    |" options:0 metrics:nil views:@{@"view":vc.view}]];
    |" options:0 metrics:nil views:@{@"view":vc.view}]];

… 324 more words
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Custom UITableViewCell vertical layout constraints causing error

when I run my app on an iPhone I get the following errors. When I run it in the simulator I do not. If I take the… 297 more words

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...a place in Paradise

I don’t normally post on Friday nights, but I just had to post tonight.  I don’t know if you watched the NBC evening news tonight, but they did a story about something that the pope said today to a little boy who was missing his dog who had died.   786 more words