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Warriors of Dragon Age: Inquisition: Deconstructive Criticism

The Warriors of Dragon Age: Inquisition have very high standards when it comes to proper masonry.

This semi ties in with a previous comic I did.


The Rewards of Creativity

Special thanks to my friend Cassandra Anne from Glasgow, Scotland for giving her precious time and sharing her insights and experiences of ‘Creative Jewelry Designing’ and pursuing this career. 1,449 more words


My Addictions

I’m a bit addicted to working out. I like to keep in shape and a recent test of my fitness indicates I am off the scale for my age. 870 more words

Hot Women

Export Data From Cassandra to CSV

Karena kebutuhan untuk mindahin data Cassandra dari cluster lama ke cluster baru maka gue bikin tools untuk ngebantu diri gue sendiri untuk export data cassandra ke CSV. 395 more words