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Bienal do livro SP

Olá pessoal, sei que estou sumida por aqui, mas é por motivos de falta de tempo mesmo. Agora estou de volta (uhul) e com milhares de posts na cabeça para o blog. 279 more words


Secrets to Long-Lasting Make-Up

I get soooo many questions about concealer creasing or foundation breaking around the nose and eyebrow area. I finally developed a system where I get at least a 8 hour wear out of my foundation/concealer. 499 more words


NoSQL Geek2Geek at Wikimedia

Tomorrow we are hosting again a Geek2Geek event in Berlin at WikimediaDe. The topic this time is “NoSQL Ring Architecture”. Famous implementations are RIAK… 41 more words

So, you chose to go NoSQL?

So, you have surpassed the decision of whether to choose a traditional RDBMS (SQL) store and have decided NoSQL is the way to go. You may have even read my previous post  2,010 more words


Morning Joe: Big Data Tools for Review

Big data is a big topic and many tools are starting to Spring up. However, implementations of the old SQL standard are falling far behind these tools. 385 more words

Short story: "Beat the heat with your shirt still on"

Resvisiting some old characters with a story that was my own attempt to cool down a bit. 1,309 more words

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