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Short story: "Cassandra's Independence Day"

A little story about the past of one of my novel characters, a character study if you will. 948 more words

Short Stories

On not being a Cassandra

Cassandra must surely be one of the most pitiable figures in Classical mythology.

Condemned by Apollo to foresee the destruction of her city but never to be heeded by the people she tried to warn. 203 more words

Cassandra's Return

Chen was getting out of his car when heard someone call his name. He turned to see Melissa Dawn waving at him from a few spaces over. 727 more words

Writing Exercises

Bienal do livro SP

Olá pessoal, sei que estou sumida por aqui, mas é por motivos de falta de tempo mesmo. Agora estou de volta (uhul) e com milhares de posts na cabeça para o blog. 279 more words


Secrets to Long-Lasting Make-Up

I get soooo many questions about concealer creasing or foundation breaking around the nose and eyebrow area. I finally developed a system where I get at least a 8 hour wear out of my foundation/concealer. 499 more words


NoSQL Geek2Geek at Wikimedia

Tomorrow we are hosting again a Geek2Geek event in Berlin at WikimediaDe. The topic this time is “NoSQL Ring Architecture”. Famous implementations are RIAK… 41 more words