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girl with a dog

Berthe Morisot was the only woman to exhibit in the first Impressionist show of 1874. She was married to the brother of Edouard Manet and dear, dear friends with Mary Cassatt. 34 more words


portrait of cassatt

Mary Cassatt often modeled for Edgar Degas. Though she kept this in her studio, she sold it later in her life without him knowing. I’m imagining Degas finding out and playing that  12 more words


steeple chase

Edgar Degas painted Scene from the Steeplechase for a Salon exhibition in 1866. Mary Cassatt wanted to purchase the painting for her brother, but Degas kept the work in his studio, basically repainting every darn inch. 75 more words


girl arranging her hair

There’s actually nothing better than an exposed collarbone. Nothing. Bonus points on her being a redhead (ignore what I said in my last post). 97 more words


mary cassatt at the louvre

This work is currently on display at the Degas / Cassatt exhibition at the National Gallery (I’m giving it one of those “Must Go!” Fandango ratings). 92 more words


A Day in DC, ft. Bucolic Frolics

Monday 23rd June 2014


Today I went into DC while ShortButSweet was at work (she works at a Veterans’ Club, poppin’ open Miller Lites). I got to take the Metro (best day) and worked the National Mall – topped at one end with the Capitol, the Lincoln Memorial at the other, and chocked with all the museums and galleries all down the middle. 381 more words

girl in a blue armchair

I am on board with everything about this girl’s look. I hope Cassatt gave the same dissatisfied look to AMERICA when they rejected the work in 1878. 38 more words