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The Johnson And Johnson Video Of The Day 4-18

We normally go to our kids with technology assistance, but maybe they aren’t the best choice if an old music Walkman is too advanced for their skills. 103 more words


Cassette tapes making a comeback with youth in Japan, entire generation officially becomes “old”

For those of a certain age, hearing the term “cassette tape” harkens back to a simpler time of making a super special mix-tape for a loved one using a… 573 more words


One In 10 Young People Buy Cassette Tapes

By Nadia Noir

Just when you thought that your old cassette tapes had been relegated to the back of a musty Out of the Closet shelf for 99 cents, a survey says that cassettes are coming in style that same way vinyl did back in the day i.e. 215 more words


Viral Video: Kids react to Sony Walkman

If you were born before 1985, you’re most likely familiar with the Sony Walkman and the experience of playing a cassette tape.

Watch what happens when you give a Walkman to a kid born in this millennium. Feel old yet?


Watch Kids React To An Old Cassette Walkman Is Wonderful And Horrifying

Unsurprisingly, these children have no idea what to do with a walkman. And yes, this will make you feel old.

Here's What Kids Think Of That Cassette Walkman You Used To Own!

Remember that Cassette Walkman you had in the ’80′s that you thought was so cool?

Kids now-a-days don’t even know what it is!

Check out this videos of these kids trying to figure out just what a Walkman is and how you’re even suppose to use it! 17 more words