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The Traveller

All his life, Ratite the cassowary had lived in the Sydney Zoo. He didn’t mind that so much. He knew he was lucky to even have a fabricated habitat considering 80 % of his natural home, the lowland rainforest had been destroyed in the last 100 years. 454 more words

Once Upon A

Rare Bird

The task of observing a particular animal in its native habitat often boils down to a game of chance. When the subject in question is the… 659 more words


Mumble, Mumble Tiger

Dear Mum,
Very long day today so I’m doing this post in the style of Rowley Birkin QC!
Mumble mumble Zoo, mumble mumble early start, mumble reticulated python, waaah! 85 more words


The Best and Worst of living in Australia

We’ve been in Australia a while now and are pretty much settled into the Aussie way of life. There are a few noticeable differences between living here and in the UK. 1,767 more words

The (almost) invisible python

Loud scolding by several species of small birds late in the morning brought a 2 meter long Amethystine python (Morelia amethistina) to our attention.
It was making its way up along the frond of a large tree fern, and when it had reached the crown of the fern, it began to coil itself into ever tighter loops until it almost appeared to tie itself into knots! 364 more words


Scary Bird

“The most dangerous bird in the world… it hides in the jungle”