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Cast Away

To you I am a passing thought,
A grain of sand blown away
by the winds of time,
Distorted by rain,
By lightning changed,
Cast from my home, 41 more words


TOP 5 Moments: Cast Away

Cast Away is one of those movies that could and should have been amazing. And it is for most of the film but bows to cliché and the Happy Hollywood Ending instead of completing the journey it promises at the start. 93 more words


Cast Away

Watch the trailer of this inspiring movie Cast Away. It certainly shows you what strength you can find in yourself.

Cast Away is a sad story that teaches people to never give up. 37 more words

Inspiring Movie

Hitch Your Sail to an Epic Tale!

What is the value of the fact that we live out our lives as Myth, as an Epic or Episodic Story?  Stories have structures: a beginning, middle and end. 722 more words


Those Virtual Villagers

I love and hate those Virtual Villager games that the company Last Day of Work, LLC make. Their are about four games in all in the series with each having a different story and puzzle the player must figure out before their entire village dies from hunger or disease. 292 more words


Ryan Stone

I have something to say about a woman who doesn’t break down during the time most trying in her life. To see her at her worst and wonder how she’ll ever survive. 429 more words

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