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Movie Comparison

I was asked to blog on two mainstream movies (one reflecting solitude and the other reflecting technology) and compare them. The movies I chose to blog are 1. 804 more words

The damn island

The good news is: I survived the plane crash. The bad news is: I am all alone on this island. Of course I am thinking of Tom Hanks in “Cast Away.” But, why? 832 more words

Solitude Challenge

What am I doing?

Here’s the challenge: “Compare two mainstream movies reflecting solitude (Life of Pi, Into the Wild, Cast Away) and technology overload (Jobs, the Social Network, the Internship). 345 more words

Required Writing

Movie Comparison

Yes, this is an assignment for class…..

I am going to compare two movies, one will reflect solitude and the other will reflect technology overload.  Then I am required to sit alone for 30 minutes (now this is my type of break, no computer, no reading, etc.). 275 more words

Man and FB...#String 2

The Man here denotes a person be it he/she. FB is a Fake Ball, which denotes the imaginary, or the mind (just like how Tom Hanks talks to a ball in the movie Cast Away). 200 more words

3 Actors show us that if you lose lots of weight, you can win an Oscar

There are lots of ways to win an Academy Award – or rather, things that can increase your chances.  It helps if you’re talented, but if you’re in a serious drama, that helps even more.   284 more words

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