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Join Knitting in the Round

When joining knitting in the round, it’s imperative that the work is not twisted (unless it’s a desired effect). I thought I’d share a little tip on how to easily make sure that you can follow that… 134 more words



Last week I finally found a window of time to cast on a new project for myself! (Always an exciting prospect!) It had to be something easy to transport as I was going off to a Hen Do that weekend, yes you heard me right, knitting at a Hen Do, but hey! 223 more words

Long-Tail Cast On: The Educated Guess

I’m going to show you a little trick I use to make an educated guess about how much yarn I need for a long-tail cast on. 329 more words

Casting On- The Provisional Cast On

I want to introduce you to my friend, the provisional cast-on.  It’s a nifty little technique that can be completely invaluable.  It lets you cast on (and knit), then come back and knit in the other direction.  215 more words


Easy Cast On Two Ways

There are as many ways to cast on as there are fish in the sea. But, don’t let that overwhelm you. Here are two very simple ways to put stitches on your needle. 21 more words

The Basics

Casting on- Long Tail Cast On

The Long Tail Cast On is the most basic cast on. The white bread of cast ons. The Ford Taurus of cast ons.  Not flashy, but totally functional. 210 more words


Beginning at the Beginning: Casting on

You get the basics of knitting. You know how to follow a pattern, what “raglan” means, and why merino is infinitely superior to acrylic (not that I’m being a snob…). 103 more words