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How To Work the Knitted Cast-On

The knitted cast-on is often under-appreciated, having been replaced by the long-tail cast-on as the go-to cast-on for many knitters these days (guilty as charged). There are, of course, a couple of good reasons for this: (1) The knitted cast-on can look a little bit loopy–especially when used to cast on ribbing; and (2) it requires a slip-knot if used as a foundation cast-on, which is difficult to disguise on circular projects. 107 more words


How To Work the Long-Tail Cast-On

The long-tail cast-on is my go-to cast-on. It’s firm yet elastic, and nice-looking to boot. That being said, it’s not reversible–the right side looks completely different from the wrong side. 96 more words


Casting on from the middle with a disappearing loop - the most frustrating cast on ever?

So on a very frosty morning here in middle England, I am thinking about the cast on method used in the Elijah pattern I posted about recently.   397 more words


Get knitting - part 1

It’s finally here – the start of our catnip mouse knit-a-long.

I hope you’ll join me in making these soft toys for cats and kittens spending Christmas in rescue centres up and down the UK. 250 more words

Fanfaren, bitte! / drum rolls, please!

Margareta hat gestern ein das Fehlen der schmetternden Fanfaren und der knallenden Champagnerkorken beklagt, wenn man endlich ein selbstgefertigtes Stueck fertig gestellt hat. Fairyknits stellte daraufhin fest, dass sie genau aus diesem Grunde angefangen hat, zu bloggen – im Eintrag feiert sie ihr fertiges Stueck. 231 more words

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A Mobius Fail, a Knitting Group and New Needles!

It’s been a busy week this one but I have still found time to whip out the needles when I can. My mobius cowl didn’t turn out quite to plan, I cast off at the weekend but it soon became clear that I had cast on far too many stitches and after 2 hours of binding off I was left with a cowl that hit the floor when I put in on! 329 more words