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Coconuts, Curries and Castaways on An Bang Beach

We walked down to the beach, tip-toeing over the hot sand, and emerged upon a deserted stretch of sand with a vast blue puddle at the other end. 1,022 more words


Disney Cruise Line Ship Rescues Five Cuban Nationals

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The Disney Cruise Line has come to the rescue yet again. Just about two weeks after rescuing a passenger who fell off of a Royal Caribbean ship… 401 more words

Tales of the Non-cons...

To all the unattended guests of nature; the visibly unsuccessful, religiously challenged, socially questioned, and morally threatened residents of this humble earth. This sprawling art of words is dedicated to all of you, beyond gender, cast or creed. 955 more words

Movies and Shoes: Take 2

The first weekend of the new year, as my son was recuperating from having his wisdom teeth extracted, he was taking it easy on the couch and I was keeping him company. 859 more words


Jan 8th, 2015

I woke up around 10 and we got ready to go to the beach. It was cloudy on the windward side so we headed up the west side of the island to Makaha. 99 more words

One Year In Hawaii


I watched Castaway on Netflix today and besides Tom Hanks being incredible the film made me feel very weak.

Despite it being fiction, a man surviving on an island alone for over four years blows my mind. 227 more words