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I had built a ship from my soul,
It will sing along with your tales tonight.
I will be miles away from your words,
Castaway to the farthest of lights.


Book Review: The Martian

The Martian by Andy Weir
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

When I first described this book to someone, I said it was Don Cheadle’s character from the Mission to Mars movie. 164 more words

Book Review

Living In Fiction (Heavy Alternative Rock Band)

I’ve always preferred bands over solo artist. A lot of the popular solo artists are usually selling their name, and while they may sing super well, most of their songs are usually written by someone else behind the glam scenes. 433 more words

Music Muse


A couple of nights ago we watched a classic movie, Castaway with Tom Hanks. I had seen it in the movie theater 15 years ago, and our kids love Tom Hanks, so we had to watch it together. 339 more words


Story Board: Robinson Crusoe

I really like games heavy with theme.  Not having a lot of time to devote to RPG’s, finding a game that compacts much of that experience into 90-120 minutes is a real win for me.   1,905 more words

Board Games

The Solitary Castaway

The Challenge : We’ve all been asked what five objects we’d take with us to a desert island. Now it’s your best friend’s (or close relative’s) turn to be stranded: what five objects would you send him/her off with? 404 more words



years passed, and then one day . . .