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How Bad Movies Build Friendships

All of the dorms on my campus have a movie collection at the downstairs office where the bored RAs sit and watch Family Guy and hand out replacement keys to forgetful residents all day. 442 more words

Have you Heard about the Beard?

The hairy mask which hides the identity of the modern day caveman has malted into a fur ball attacking every bald cheek in sight. This generic gift has been given a platform to grow, allowing men however masculine or feminine, regardless of occupation or hobby, to stick there razor in the ground and claim I AM A MAN! 413 more words


Confessions of a Kavaholic - Part 2

… continued …

4. Toping the bottom half of the table is Longbeach Resort 4.19/6 -

Probably one of the best beaches of all the islands. 3,438 more words

Watched Gravity Last Night

I finally got around to watching Gravity last night after having rented it from Redbox two days before. When it came out, I wasn’t too keen on going out and seeing it. 356 more words


icing on the low fat, no sugar, no cake, cake.

Someone feed me. Please. I’m hungry.


But hungry.

I have found myself pondering over at what point after a break up do people stop asking me if I’m okay with that ‘I bet she’s a wreck,better seem sympathetic look’. 62 more words

The Hermit; or, The Unparalleled Sufferings, and Surprising Adventures, of Philip Quarll (1814) | The Public Domain Review

A story thought to be by Peter Longueville – writing under the pseudonym of Edward Dorrington – about Philip Quarll, a Crusoe-style castaway, who spends 50 years alone on an uninhabited island island of monkeys and pomegranate fields far off the coast of Mexico. 210 more words