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Why Should You Visit Warsaw’s Old Town?

A Visit to Warsaw and its Old Town is a must-see because this area shows, perhaps more than anywhere else in the city, the determination of the Polish people to rebuild their national heritage. 828 more words



The Phantom Of Her Blog

Her blog appeared with the ping of my phone, I transpierced, mesmerized, engulfed, navigating my way round the phantom, lifted, carried deep into the well, emerging, prancing over catwalks, springing toward the decaying spiral of dripping eloquence, up, up to the dome overlooking all that can be seen; an ancient river of wisdom.

GigaTent Sand Castle Beach Cabana, 7 x 4-Feet

This simple 3 pole cabana is full of features. The front can be closed using 2 zippers on the sides of the door for use as a changing room. 62 more words


Although it sounds odd (and slightly unbelievable) for my first year of university I have stayed in a castle. Royal Holloway University has an 19th century castle called Founders Building which is accommodation for students. 89 more words

Relocating Your Main Castle

  • On the bottom right of your screen, click on king’s market. Then click on the ‘other’ tab at the top. There will be a Relocate Main Castle option.
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Tourist Review (18): Hailes Castle.

Startlingly, Edinburgh has awakened to find itself beneath a Mediterranean sky. The familiar spires and domes are now stranded under an immense peaceful blue, which is at once dreamy and vivid. 1,574 more words